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Size Doesn't Matter... In Fashion

Size Doesn't Matter... In Fashion

 It’s been a long time since I wrote here, and a lot has happened since, but I want to share with you one of the most significant things I did in the past 6 months.

Almost a month ago, I took part in Plus Size Fashion Week in Israel. And it was amazing. There, I shared :)

I heard about the fashion week a long time ago, the common thing to all the presenters is that they offer a wide size range. Somethings pretty logical to do since most women in Israel are over size 42. This means that when most women go to the mall, they have a problem finding clothes in most stores because the stores don’t stock many items over size 42-44. Not to mention clothes that are actually trendy and stylish.

So one woman with a vision, Gala Rachmilevitch, decided that she’s taking it upon herself to promote awareness in Israel and in the rest of the world and started producing Plus Size Fashion Week. And it’s not just a Fashion Week, it is the biggest of its kind in the world! With dozens of presenters throughout the years, and thousands of women who visited and enjoyed a true shopping experience. Everything a regular mall lacks.

I’ve been asked many times during Fashion Week, why a “Skinny girl like you design clothes for Plus Size Women??”. The answer is really simple.

I design women clothes. I don’t design a certain size, or color, or religion. I design clothes for women, and if a woman loves my clothes I am more than happy to dress her! And I don’t want something like size to stand in my way… or hers!

The preparations for Fashion Week took months, searching for the perfect fabrics, that will compliment my designs, and in turn, will compliment my customers. I thought about the perfect shopping experience, so women will actually enjoy browsing and trying on my clothes. At some point, I recruited my friends and family because I couldn’t handle everything by myself :)

And then it started, 4 days of stress, happiness, and laughter. I almost forgot telling you that during Fashion Week I had my very own fashion show!! It was one of the most stressful and exciting things I did since launching my brand 2 years ago! It was the first time models wore my clothes and walked down the catwalk as people see my clothes and LOVE THEM! Another really exciting moment was when an interview I gave to Efifo fashion site was published and I totally didn’t expect it!

I want to share with you a few things I learned from this experience:

  1. Women, you have to start loving yourselves more and criticize yourselves less!!! I’ve watched thousands of women stand in front of the mirror and criticize themselves, and I’m always amazed at how ruthless the critique is. And it has nothing to do with size!!! Women in all sizes just stand in front of the mirror, and instead of seeing their beauty, the see all the faults. I have to admit that I do that as well, But!!! I Don’t let it prevent me from buying what I want! If I find an item that I love and it flatters me, I will buy it! Because it makes me feel good, because it gives me more confidence, and I don’t care if people see that I have a small stomach that sticks out. If you ignore you “faults”, no one else will see them!
  2. Fashion and Style have nothing to do with your size! You can be stylish in any size. Every trend can be translated to every size and you will look wonderful! Forget the days when plus size women had to wear only black or baggy clothes. There are plenty designers and stores these days that allow every woman in every size to wear the most stylish outfits! All you have to do is dare! Try on the clothes you always wanted and never had the courage to try, you don’t have to buy, you just have to try! It may not seem “right” at first, but continue trying, because you’re just not used to seeing yourself in this outfit. But try it again, in a different store, in a different color, until you’re used to seeing yourself in it
  3. Last, I LOVE dressing women. I love the moment a customer exits the dressing room, looks in the mirror wearing my outfit, and smiles and loves when she sees. Starting a fashion business in Israel is not a simple thing, but these are the moments that keep me going.

Hope to see you again next Fashion Week,



Winter Collection 2018 

Link to my Fashion Show at Plus Size Fashion Week Winter 2017


And Here are some photos from Plus Size Fashion Week Tel Aviv, Winter 2017

Shani Segev, Plus Size Fashion Week, Women Fashion, Israel, Tel Aviv

Shani Segev, Plus Size Fashion Week, Women Fashion, Israel, Tel Aviv

My Dear Parents


Shani Segev, Plus Size Fashion Week, Women Fashion, Israel, Tel Aviv

 Happy Customers are the best!


Shani Segev, Plus Size Fashion Week, Women Fashion, Israel, Tel Aviv

And more smiles :)


Shani Segev, Plus Size Fashion Week, Women Fashion, Israel, Tel Aviv

Intense fashion debate


Shani Segev, Plus Size Fashion Week, Women Fashion, Israel, Tel Aviv

With my parents, brother, sister in law and niece :)

Shani Segev, Plus Size Fashion Week, Women Fashion, Israel, Tel Aviv

My Fashion Show Finale :) :) :) 

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